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Carolina Core specializes in Pilates instruction and nutrition counseling - tailored to meet your individual needs.  Carolina Core proudly serves the Chapel Hill and Carrboro community. 

Pilates is a form of physical activity that focuses on core strength.  It is important to build a foundation of strength, flexibility, stability and stamina.  This improves one’s lifestyle- no matter the fitness level.  Over time this approach creates a strong foundation from which one can achieve new heights of physical fitness and control as well as emotional well being and balance.      

Smart nutrition is essential to the pursuit of wellness and good health!  Three principles define why we eat: nourishment, pleasure, and community.  Dieting is often not sustainable because it denies these principles.  Carolina Core can help you develop a lifestyle of healthy eating. 

Please contact us with questions about any of the services we offer at Carolina Core.


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Carolina Core, Inc.

Pilates and Nutrition Counseling

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